AJA mixer of N2/O2/Ar

Anders Liljeborg 2016-04-28

There is an addition installed on the AJA Orion system, some extra tubing and valves to be able to mix N2 with Ar in the sputter guns "chimneys". In order to use the system as before this installation, just close the valve labeled "N2/O2 to chimneys". The other two valves should be fully open.


Here is a principal sketch of the tubing and valves. In order to get N2 (or O2) into the chimneys:
close "N2/O2 to chamber"
open "N2/O2 to chimneys"
close "Ar to chimneys"

If you want to mix in argon too, you leave "Ar to chimneys" open.

The amount of respective gas is set by the mass flow controller (MFC) by setting the flow rate (sccm:s) in the recipe.


Here are the two valves on the top side of the system, behind the valve between the load-lock and the chamber. The valves are fully open when the green handle is aligned along the in/out ports.
The valves are fully closed when the handle is nearly at right angle to the in/out ports.

Please to not use force, the handle does not go to exactly 90 degrees. It is fully closed anyway.

Please be careful when handling the valves, the installation is only supported by the steel tubing.

More support for the valves will be installed.


Here is the valve for the Ar, underneath the main chamber.


Overview of the area underneath the chamber.

Anders Liljeborg Nanostructure Physics, KTH.