AJA Orion sputter system, overview


The main chamber is open for cleaning and changing of sputter targets.
Please note the flexible couplings that are free, pointing straight up (left and center).
To the right one flexible coupling is attached to the lid covering the "chimney" for that sputter gun.


Here the one target is removed, showing the ring of magnets,
and the center magnet (reverse polarity) with its surrounding copper fitting.


The whole system, chamber to the left, electronics cabinet to the right.
From top to bottom:
  • Mains on/off with emergency shut off switch and control for heating lamps.
  • Main chamber and load lock turbo pumps on/off
  • Manual matching unit and sputter power supply no. 1
  • Vacuum gauges readout and power supply.
  • Controller for motorised valve for pressure control in main chamber,
    thickness monitor (rate monitor)
  • Laptop for control of whole process (screen folded down)
  • Sputter power supply
  • Sputter power supply
  • Control for rotation of sample holder, controller for turbo pumps, main chamber and load lock.


















Anders Liljeborg Nanostructure Physics, KTH.