AJA Orion, change of targets and some common errors

Sebastian Andersson, Dec. 2011

Detailed cross-section of a sputter gun

Changing targets:

If a gun needs cleaning or the new material is sensitive to contamination, make sure that clean parts are available before opening the system. This way, the system do not need to be opened longer than necessary. Spare parts can be found on the shelves marked "AJA system". If there are no clean parts, used parts can be cleaned by grit blasting them in the workshop followed by rinsing with isopropanol.
  1. Ventilate the main chamber.

  2. Make sure that all the power supplies are turned off.

  3. Identify the correct gun.

  4. Remove the chimney.

  5. Change the target.



  6. If necessary, change the magnetic configuration.

  7. Replace chimney and shutter.

  8. Close chamber and evacuate.

  9. Check cable connections.

  10. Configure the software.

  11. Test if it is possible to strike a plasma.

  12. Baking.

Operating the system (common errors):

For details on how to run the software, please read the manual PhaseIIJ_REV_1.pdf which can be found on the manual page. As a brief, step by step reminder on how to operate the system, read the user instructions which can be found here. What follows is a brief list, in no specific order, of common errors and difficulties that might turn up when operating the system.
  1. The correct pressure for striking a plasma can't be reached.

  2. When designing a new layer, always start by setting the pressure control on the "Create Layer" page to "Open".

  3. Always press "Config Save/Close" when exiting the "System Configuration" screen.

  4. Never close the software completely.

  5. To save a layer or process after having made changes, the exact same filename has to be written into the dialog box.

  6. When automating a process, use a ramping layer, or strike layer, followed by a deposition layer.

  7. The plasma is not stable.

  8. Nothing happens when trying to strike a plasma.

  9. Everything seems to work fine, but there is no film on the substrate.

  10. The sample surface doesn't look as expected after deposition.

Detailed cross-section of a sputter gun

Sebastian Andersson, Anders Liljeborg Nanostructure Physics, KTH.