Policy for booking the E-beam lithography system

2005-11-10, revised 2018-05-14

The use of the E-beam system is sometimes quite heavy, it can be difficult to get a time-slot less than a week in advance, sometimes a booking has to be two weeks in the future.

The general guide-lines are preliminary for the Voyager since it has a much higher writing speed than the 150 tool:

  1. Four 2-hour ebeam-sessions per weekday, These times are maximum limits, if you need less time, please book only that time.
  2. On weekdays, after 17:00, bookings are more flexible, longer exposures can be made etc.
    During periods of heavy use it would be very convenient if users doing overnight bookings could start as late as possible. E.g. starting at 21:00 would give two extra 2-hour ebeam session on a weekday-evening.
  3. During weekends (Fri 17:00 - Mon 09:00) booking is more flexible.
  4. Never book more than three sessions in advance! With a session is meant either a 2-hour daytime session, or an overnight session. This also applies to weekends. This implies that if you book Saturday 13:00-15:00, 15:00-17:00, 17:00-overnight, you have used up all three allowed advance bookings!
  5. Always report a booking that cannot be used AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Use this mail adress to reach all users of the system:

Lab-manager, Albanova Nanofabrication Facility