Kulicke & Soffa Digital Wedge Bonder

Responsible: Anders Liljeborg

The Albanova Nano-Fab-Lab host a semi-automatic digital wedge/wedge bonder from Kulicke & Soffa (Model 4523D) for 1 mil Au or Al-wire.

Ring LED illumination, controller.

Service / teaching info, 2010-02-25

Kulicke & Soffa height adjustment (PDF)

Some microscope images of bonder wedges.







The bonder was serviced 2004-09-30, and it was discovered that the adjustment of the height of the table is very critical. See here for details.

Adjusting the height of the bonder table

Bonder has to be in automatic mode (NOT manual)
  1. Load the sample.
  2. Lower the table a fair amount that the tip won't crash into the table when a bond is performed.
  3. Go to bonding step 2 by pressing the up arrow button two times.
  4. Set the loop height to 1.0 by using the loop +/- buttons.
  5. Go back to bonding step 1 by pressing the up arrow button one time.
  6. Make one bond without the table under the bonder arm (the bonder will stay in the optimal height position).
  7. Adjust the table height that the tip is just touching the sample (usually copper pads of sampleholder). Now the table is in the correct height position.
  8. Make a second bond in free air to finish the bonding cycle.
  9. Readjust the loop height as needed for bonding according to steps 3-4 (usually around 2-3).
  10. Start bonding.



Anders Liljeborg Albanova Nanolab, KTH, SU.