Eurovac deposition system

Responsible: Taras Golod,

Procedure when using SiO2 sputter target! 2011-03-16, Stefan Rosén, A. Liljeborg

The sputtering of SiO2 is causing subsequent sputtering of gold to generate flakes falling of the surfaces. The gold will not stick to surfaces covered with SiO2. To remedy this a sticking layer of titanium must be deposited after each SiO2 sputtering.
  1. Always sign in the Logbook.
  2. Gold does not stick on the SiO2.
  3. Before Gold deposition check the logbook and if necessary start with about 5 nm Ti deposition.

End of procedure when using SiO2 sputter target.

Service information

Short description how to use sputter guns

Manual for thickness monitor (pdf)

New tool factor = old tool factor × measured film thickness

desired film thickness

Modifications, 2015-06-05, T. Golod

According to this there are some changes to the loading and unloading procedure, see below.

Short user guide

Overview image of the system

Loading Sample:

  1. Put samples on the sample holder and make sure they are secure.

  2. Make sure that the valve into main chamber is closed.

  3. Vent the load-lock by switching off the load-lock turbo pump.

  4. Wait for atmospheric pressure.

  5. Attach the sample holder to the transfer rod (using fresh gloves), check that all 3 clamps are ok.

  6. Close load-lock.

  7. Pump down by switching on the load-lock turbo pump while gently holding load-lock tight.

  8. When turbo controller says "normal operation" the pump down is finished (check the pressure in load-lock. Should be below 5×10-4 mbar).

  9. Open the valve into main chamber.

  10. Transfer sample from rod to internal holder (make sure internal holder is at 270 degree).

  11. Remove the transfer rod.

  12. Close main chamber valve.


There are silver colored labels with numbers from 1-6, placed on the various handles, levers, etc. on the system. These labels are indicated in brackets in the following description.

Select what metal to deposit, selected by turning long red handle with holes at the front. There is a list of which metals are at which positions on the wall. There are 12 turns between adjacent positions for each metal.

  1. Check logbook: if SiO2 has been sputtered always start deposit 5 nm Ti.
  2. Make sure that correct material (crucible) and deposition program are selected
  3. Turn the sample to 0°.
  4. Close sample shutter
  5. Open Target shutter [4]
  6. Turn on main e-gun power supply (check that cooling water is on) [1]
  7. Turn on sweep control [2]
  8. Turn on gun current [3]
  9. Slowly increase the filament current (steps of 0.10 with 20 sec wait in between) [5]
  10. After reaching 1.0 start increase continuously (but still slowly) until you get a stable rate.
  11. Open sample shutter and at the same time press "zero" on the thickness monitor [6]
  12. Close window shutter to avoid depositing material on view port
  13. Change angle if desired
  14. When desired thickness is achieved, close the Sample shutter
  15. Turn down current
  16. Turn off gun current
  17. Turn off sweep control
  18. Turn off main e-gun power supply (keep the cooling water on)


  1. Open window shutter.

  2. Close target shutter.

  3. Open sample shutter.

  4. Rotate sample holder to 270 degree.

  5. Check that the vacuum in the load-lock is below 5×10-4 mbar.

  6. Open main chamber valve.

  7. Insert transfer rod.

  8. Remove sample holder.

  9. Close main chamber valve.

  10. Vent the load-lock by switching off the load-lock turbo pump.

  11. Wait for atmospheric pressure.

  12. When load lock opens, take out sample holder (Using fresh gloves).

  13. Close load-lock.

  14. Switch on the load-lock turbo pump.

Upper part of electronics rack showing:
Thickness monitor Pressure meter for airlock and chamber
Turbo pump control for main chamber Turbo pump control for airlock

Main chamber with metal selector.

Cooling water valves.

Lower part of rack, showing sweeper and e--gun mains switch.

Close-up view showing the different valves and shutters

View from different angle of central parts of the deposition system.

Through viewport, empty sample holder.

Through viewport, sample rotated downwards, sputtering active.

Service information

How to vent the main chamber, added 2019-07-10
  1. Check that load lock is pumped down
  2. Open load lock valve
  3. Shut valve in front of turbo
  4. Leave turbo on
  5. Vent load lock (and thereby the main chamber)
  6. Wait 10-20 minutes, until load lock door opens
  7. Open blank flanges, perform service.
  8. Close load lock door
  9. Pump load lock (and chamber)
  10. Wait until 10-4 mBar
  11. Open valve in front of turbo
  12. Close load lock valve
  13. Pressure should go down to 10-8 in one - two days.

Cesar 600 W RF power generator manual (pdf) for sputtering target. Limited access.
Cesar auto-matching unit manual (pdf) for sputtering target. Limited access.
Short description how to use sputter guns

Service, cleaning, 2005-10-14
E-gun, melted leads to filament, 2004-05-28
E-gun, arcing, 2004-02-11

Movie of loading (MPEG4, .mp4)
Courtesy of Daniel Öijerholm-Ström, taken with cell-phone camera.

Exchange of crucible, some images inside

Anders Liljeborg NanoLab, KTH.