Advanced MaskLess Aligner MLA 150, Heidelberg Instruments

Responsible: Erik Holmgren, Adrian Iovan


MLA150 with sound proofing and temperature controlled cover Working principle


Manufacturers fact sheet     Manufacturers Manuals limited access

Benchmark report, test patterns designed at Albanova, exposed at Heidelberg Inst. site. Limited access.

Final Acceptance Test presentation, performed after installation at Albanova Nanolab. Limited access.

Shape of alignment marks is very important, please use this example:, zipped GDSII-file. Standard crosses in layer one, inverted (negative) in layer two.

Training video, zoom session restricted access.


  • Photo lithography without a mask, non-contact. A focussed laser beam ( λ = 375 nm) exposes the photo resist in a meander pattern.
  • Ideal for prototyping and research.
  • High resolution write mode: minimum feature size 0.6 µm.
  • Back side alignment, both sides of wafer can be patterned, with alignment better than 1000 nm (3 point alignment).
  • High throughput: write speed > 300 mm2 / minute, 4 inch wafer exposed in < 30 minutes, 1 × 1 cm chip ≈ 20 seconds.
  • Stitching errors 5% of minimum feature size.

Anders Liljeborg Albanova Nanolab, KTH, SU.