• Joint KTH SU laboratory facilities, with broad user spectrum
  • Nano and micro scale fabrication, imaging and metrology
  • Graduate students and post docs are users
  • Low overhead costs, flexible lab environment for exploratory research

KTH Applied physics and SU Physics jointly run this facility located in AlbaNova University Center There are about 50 active users from several departments at KTH and SU. If you are interested in access, contact director Prof. David Haviland, Prof. Vladislav Korenivski or managers Dr. Erik Holmgren and Dr. Adrian Iovan.

Most of the equipment has been financed by grants from the K. A. Wallenberg Foundation.
This facility is a part of MyFab.

Users from SU can apply for support within the SU Core Facility, please contact Prof. V. Krasnov at the Dept. of Cond. Mat. Phys.

Voyager at NanoFabLab, KTH

Surface profiler KLA Tencor 15

Clean air benches, spinner Clean water, fume hood
RIE: Oxygen, Argon, RIE2: BCl3, Cl2 AFM

Webmaster Albanova Nanofabrication Facility